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“Dollhouse Round Wire Instruction Book”

This handbook is the most comprehensive and detailed manual on round wiring ever published. It explains, in easy to understand

“Dollhouse Tapewire Instruction Book”

The clearest and most concise book on tape wiring yet written contains everything from a master layout drawing to instructions

“Gone With the Wind” Dollhouse Miniature Book with Printed Pages

This book has real printed pages throughout, a thick cover, and a colorful dust jacket to protect the cover. It is

“How to Light Your Miniatures” Book

This is a most useful guide book for the beginning miniature electrician and a useful primer before any lighting decisions are

1/2 Inch Scale Used Brick Latex Dollhouse Sheet

This latex sheet is 1/2″ (or 1/24 scale) for smaller dollhouses and room boxes.The rubber-like composition of this sheet makes it

1/2″ Dollhouse Door & Window Casing

This high-quality casing is crafted of unfinished wood, allowing you paint it as you wish. It measures 3/8″ H x 1/8″ D

1/2″ Piece of Dollhouse Corner Molding

This corner molding is crafted from high-quality, unfinished wood. It measures 1/2″ H x 1/2″ D x 24″ L and is

1/24 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Brown Asphalt Shingles

These rectangular brown shingles are for 1/24 scale projects. Each package covers 78 square inches.

1/24 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Tan Asphalt Shingles

These rectangular tan shingles are made of real asphalt and are for 1/24 scale projects. Each package covers 78 square inches.

1/24 Scale Hexagonal Salt & Pepper Asphalt Dollhouse Miniature Shingles

These hexagonal salt and pepper asphalt shingles are best suited for 1/24 scale (half scale) creations. Each package covers 78

1/24 Scale Light Wood Dollhouse Flooring

This 1/2″ scale dollhouse flooring comes in a sheet that measures 8 1/4″ x 11″. It’s just what you need

1/32″ Dollhouse Miniature Bit

The 1 /32″ bit provides the proper size hole for wall sconce wires. This hole allows the pulling of sconce